We are pleased to offer a range of books and ebooks on this site, all of which are written by African Americans, Black British, Caribbeans or Africans.  Suggestions are welcome, and authors are invited to send press releases to      


We have been pleased to offer unique merchandise, such as Teeshirts, Hoodies, Vests and Sweatshirts with a cultural,  motivational or humorous message.  Suggestions are always welcome.  New suppliers are invited to contact us.


Do you need jewellery, or fashion accessories? Asante Black is able to provide a great range.  Items will be of cultural styles or mainstream and can also be  a combination of both.  Suggestions are welcome, and suppliers are invited to help provide variety to this category.


The vest is a cooling item of clothing, suitable for hot climates, or for relaxing at home.  It can also be used as an underlayer in colder weather.  Our vests will talk to people, with our great designs and messaging with a cultural or motivational edge.


We have a range of Hoodies with a message.  The hoodies are of high quality and come in colours, white, black, red, maroon, blue and grey.  Sizes start at small to 5 x extra large.