Who is this website aimed at?

This website is aimed at any person who is intent on buying items from a variety of sellers.

The site is aimed at all races and nationalities. We encourage visitors to widen their range of shopping portals. Yes we know there are plenty out there including amazon, ebay, etsy and more.  But from now on remember AsanteBlack.com also, and keep coming back.  New products and services are being added several times weekly.

The site  is also aimed at those who like to help causes, and know that spending with this website will help several  families. and a whole community.    

Where are your vendors from?

Countries of Residence of our vendors or suppliers include:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Nigeria
  • Zimbabwe
  • Uganda
  • South Africa
  • Jamaica
  • Trinidad & Tobago

We also have donations from non-black vendors who have donated their goods at no cost or low cost, to raise funds for our causes. 

We say thank you to all vendors.

Why black-owned businesses?

It’s time to redress the economic imbalance which exists for black families.  Let’s find ways to help which do not involve begging or crying.

We appreciate the talent, creativity and determination of black entrepreneurs who start from way before the start line of the general population.  Typically there are no investments with from F & F (family and friends) or from banks or from VCs. We offer opportunities to reward these business owners with sales so that their businesses may grow faster.. 

Asante Black says thank you to black-owned businesses as we give exposure to the great work and knowledge that exists in the black community which is often ignored as the media tends to focus on negative events.

This is a global community - and some items provided on this site may come from other nationalities and countries who are not black.  This is commerce and that is fine.  If it benefits our work and our causes and helps a black family along the way - so be it.

What are your causes?

Our Five causes are listed here...https://asanteblack.com/pages/our-causes

How can you help?

  • Buy products and services from this website.
  • Tell your friends, families and colleagues about this site.
  • Order gift cards so for birthdays or prizes.
  • Volunteer time to help in one of our causes
  • Donate funds to help fund our causes. 

Contact Black Economics via email for details.of any of the above. Email info@blackeconomics.co.uk