Our Causes

These are our causes - the reason for this website.  Why not help us to achieve and maintain these solutions in any way you can.

  1. Encourage, Boost and Accelerate Growth of Black-owned Businesses in the UK.  To help entrepreneurs double, treble (or more) their income, positively affects their family and friends and raises the economic status of the black community.  This is our aim.  This in turn benefits the UK.  We start online - then while encouraging the opening of retail stores on the High Street.
  2. Showcase Examples of the best of Black Entrepreneurship. If they can do it, against all the odds, so can you. Yes we can - and Yes we do. With these bright stars - we can encourage internships, mentorship / coaching, employment of others.
  3. Work with Youth Organisations by providing alternative pathways to sustainable incomes in Tech, Fashion, Art, Food, Game Development, Financial Trading, Performance Art, Design & Manufacturing.
  4. Encourage entrepreneurial and gainful hobby activities among seniors at sixty+ in the black community - many of whom have talents, know-how  and experiences not being taught to the young, or not being used to create income and a legacy for their families.
  5. Support the Art Centre of Maboneng in South Africa.  This provides income for talented artists and families in South Africa.  If Art can assist a way out of poverty for a whole township - we are here to boost and promote.

So you have seen what we are about - why not join us to help.  Email - info@blackeconnomics.co.uk if you wish to assist in any of these areas.