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Marcia Dixon

Black Christian and Single

Black Christian and Single

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The book starts with "Singleness is a hot topic in many churches in Britain and indeed around the world. The preponderance of single women in the Church is hugely concerning. Conservative figures state there are 20 women for every man..."

For the first time ever, the thoughts, views and experiences of single Christians within Britain's Black Pentecost church have been collated for this ground breaking anthology, Black Christian and Single.

This collection of essays, written by Millennials, middle youth and the mature, provides enlightening perspectives about life as a single Christian. Topics covered in Black Christian and Single include single living, divorce, online dating, the psychological effects of long-term singleness, abstinence, past church teaching on singleness and marriage, and steps one church took to help single members find a spouse.

Black Christian and Single is edited by former Voice columnist and Keep the Faith magazine editor Marcia Dixon MBE.

It will provide insights, and possible solutions on an issue that has been a major topic of discussion and concern within Britain's Black Church community for decades.

160 pages

Published: 10 December 2022

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