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British African Enterpreneurship Journey - Book

British African Enterpreneurship Journey - Book

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This comprehensive A4 sized book examines the contribution of African settlers to British economic history from 1793 to 2022. The book evidences the true nature of inter-cultural, intra-ethnic, poly-faith and multi-social features of people of African descent.

The five (5) regional continental groups that make up 41% of North Africans, Central Africans, East West Africans and South Africans in the UK combined. Highlights also include 400+ cases studies comprising 250 plus female-owned firms and 100 businesses operated by under-40s.

The Book is divided into the following sections: -

• Chapter 1 – The Period of Antiquity versus Modernity

• Chapter 2 – The African Presence in Britain

• Chapter 3 - The People, Organisation and Performance

• Chapter 4 – The Dynamics of Inter-generational Entrepreneurship

• Chapter 5 – The Challenges and Opportunities Quest

• Chapter 6 -The Future of British African Entrepreneurship. This new edition will benefit advisors, businesses, charities, consultants, educators, economists, ethnographers, financiers, marketers, media institutions, non-governmental organisations, policy makers, researchers, sociologists, trade associations and more.

A treasure trove of information and data on migrant entrepreneurship that you never seen before, but unique to and from a British African perspective. Happy Reading to Everyone!

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