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Caribbean Cooking

Caribbean Cooking

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Crystalline waters, azure skies, verdant landscapes and colorful people. This is what comes to most minds when thinking of the Caribbean--and they are not wrong. However, there is so much more variety to this group of thousands of islands than one might imagine, and this is evident not least in their food.

From the Bahamas in the north, across the Greater Antilles (including Cuba and Jamaica) to the Lesser Antilles in the south, Caribbean cuisine is an eclectic fusion of African, Amerindian, Creole, French, Indian, and Spanish cooking, brought to the region by the many peoples that have settled there.

Caribbean Cooking is a celebration of the vibrant tastes and beautiful lands that make up this corner of the world. Be whisked away by the evocative text and stunning photography, discovering the different areas of the Caribbean one by one. At the same time try the food yourself, picking from the selection of authentic and Caribbean-inspired easy-to-make recipes, broken down into Snacks, Rice & Curry, Fish & Seafood, Meat & Poultry and Desserts. Whether you opt for plantain snacks, goat curry, or a little rum cake, or prefer to just drink in the Puerto Rican sunshine or the happy melodies of the Trinidadian steel drums, Caribbean Cooking will transport you to paradise.

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