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Coaching from David Frederick

Coaching from David Frederick

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Coaching Product

We introduce to you David Frederick founder and CEO of Marcus Bishop Associates - Experienced Coach.

David Frederick has been appointed the first Black President of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), the world’s leading professional body for accounting technicians.

The association’s 40th President, David is also the founder and Managing Partner of Marcus Bishop Associates Chartered Certified Accountants. David has been a member of the AAT Council since 2014 and served as Chair of its Management Board.

Quote below - 

"My experience includes: President Association of Accounting Technicians 2020-21; 38 years as a finance professional across public and private sector, including 18 years as a university Senior & Principal Lecturer and 10 years as Chief Accounting Examiner of a professional body; business training across 3 continents; author of six accounting/business books; 10 years financial columnist; Non Exec Director; Founding director of 26 year old chartered accountancy practice; specialist probate accountant; public speaker on business, accounting, taxation and estate planning; Business advisor and coach; former board member of Prince's Youth Business Trust. Prostate cancer advocate and speaker."  David Frederick.

David can assist if you need a - Business Coach,  Sales Coach, Leadership Coach, Accountancy Career Coach.

Get a FIFTEEN MINUTE taster session with this coach.  It may be illuminating.  It may help you decide whether a coach is for you.  Try this person with no obligations.  The guidance given during that fifteen minutes could be just what you need.

What element transforms an ordinary person into a world class confident leader - the answer is COACHING.  In every arena—from sports to business—peak performers achieve superior results because they’ve gained top-notch advisers to help them maximize skills and identify blind spots, make best use of time, and make valuable connections.

Having such guidance (or in some cases - hand-holding) is especially important to accelerate performance and achievement.  Coaching helps to advance goals and tackle complex management challenges in today’s increasingly fast-paced, chaotic environment.

Use this session to decide about ongoing coaching which can substantially improve your achievement.  It is time for accelerated progress.

A coach will be allocated to you once the booking is made. Please complete the form sent to you first so that we can allocate according to your needs.

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