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Education & Training L5

Education & Training L5

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 Designed for learners working in high level managerial positions with responsibilities for managing projects, resources, teams and budgets. This qualification forms part of the level 5 apprenticeship in management.

Min Guided Learning Hours: 24 

Global Educ8tions is committed to involving learners in its strategic decision-making and operational management processes. As a Training Provider we firmly believe that embracing learner views and offering an opportunity for learners to have direct involvement in assessing and shaping their own learning experience will have a significant and effective impact on developing.

Global Educ8tions quality improvement processes increase student success.
Global Educ8tions also believes that learners have key roles to play in self-evaluation, self-improvement and policy-making procedures

I F - Y O U - W A N T - T O - D O - S O M E T H I N G - Y O U - F I N D - A - W A Y.
I F - Y O U - D O N ' T - Y O U - F I N D - E X C U S E S.

The Global Educ8tion team are able to support anyone who wants to move on with their learning and provide them with career advice.

You can phone and speak to a member for any advice. Tel. 0800 009 6994

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