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Executive Coaching - THREE Months

Executive Coaching - THREE Months

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Executive coaches are for Leaders, Managers, CEO's and potential high flying professionals or entrepreneurs.  The Coaching time would be intensive - and would be one hour - twice weekly with tasks set and accountability sessions.  These are £125 per hour sessions which lead to dramatic change.

What element transforms an ordinary person into a world class confident leader - the answer is COACHING.  In every arena—from sports to business—peak performers achieve superior results because they’ve gained top-notch advisers to help them maximize skills and identify blind spots, make best use of time, and make valuable connections.

Having such guidance (or in some cases - hand-holding) is especially important to accelerate performance and achievement.  Coaching helps to advance goals and tackle complex management challenges in today’s increasingly fast-paced, chaotic environment.

Coaching will help you achieve your personal and professional best while dealing with inevitable unexpected landmines.  Recognize strengths and weaknesses and get the courage to break you out of your “comfort zone”.

Explore diverse relationships and diverse experiences.  Higher Achievement is ready and waiting for you. Book a one-off meeting or a series of intensive coaching sessions.

Sessions can be virtual or in person meetings. You can discuss your preference with your coach. Virtual sessions mean distance has no bearing on the Coach you wish to choose.  Some coaches may require travel expenses for in-person meetings if they travel to you.

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