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Half Hour Daily - Digital Planner

Half Hour Daily - Digital Planner

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This planner helps to detail what should be done during a typical day - 30 minutes at a time. If each half-hour has a different emphasis, then far more can be accomplished, than normal.

The planner can be used with Excel, Google Sheets or Open Office.

Optional Coaching can be ordered with this product - to give an easy start to ensuring this product is effective for you.  Time offered is 30 minutes, or one hour.

The digital template can be downloaded immediately on payment.

Created by Dee Solace Templates, creator of life management tools.

Digital planners help to assess progress or lack of progress, and to improve work rates. They help to make changes, encourage new routines, track habits, plan efficiently and basically overhaul aspects of life.

Daily plans can cause dramatic changes. They allow you to take time to clear your mind and focus on priorities. Digital planners save time, provide quick structures, and are re-useable.

Structured paper planners can be just as useful, and this digital planner can be printed, or order a pack of 50 sheets from us.

To enhance the effectiveness of planners as digital tools, use a coach or mentor. This person will enable the user to stay on track after the initial enthusiasm has waned. It allows for accountability and almost guaranteed success.

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