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Asante Black

Youth Listening Service

Youth Listening Service

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Sometimes people just want to talk, and someone to listen.  We offer this service for those over ages 7 to 18. who need it for themselves, or who need to talk to someone outside the family or away from their friendship group.  It is also useful  for young relatives or friends who are have much inside them and just need someone to just listen.

During the session, the young person can tell their experiences, tell about their past, desires for the future, or simply daydream.  It may be that the youth wants to discuss a future ambition  It's an excellent release.  It may even help a person's self esteem and grow their confidence. 

In some situations - talking is the release that a person needs.  It helps to offload and as if by magic, problems seem smaller - or an idea is generated.

For any young person between the ages of 7 and 13, a parent, carer or responsible adult  must be made aware of this service and refer the youth.  They must provide their contact details.

Youths 14 and over,  are considered old enough to make such decisions for themselves and to provide their own consent.

Choose from an ordinary listener to a trained counsellor.  Do note that a trained counsellor is likely to offer more help if the content is of concern.

Our wellbeing counsellors can help manage the  feelings  of young people - who have  concerns such as exam pressure, friendship worries, peer pressure, bullying, social media difficulties, gangs and low self-esteem. Counsellors help to promote positive behaviours and work towards goals, to build the skill set needed to navigate life as a child or young person.

All conversations are private and confidential - unless  permission is given for referral for extra assistance.

Listening can take place via telephone, or via zoom, with no cameras on.

Our Listeners for youths are DBS certified and some are teachers who work with young people all the time.

An appointment form will be sent for your completion after you have booked this service.

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