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Understanding and Managing Sophisticated and Everyday Racism - Book

Understanding and Managing Sophisticated and Everyday Racism - Book

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This book is written by Dr Victoria Showunmi and Dr Carol Tomlin who are UK Academics. 

Understanding and Managing Sophisticated and Everyday Racism: Implications for Education and Work identifies the prevalence of sophisticated racism and explores how it manifests itself in society, particularly in the workplace.

The authors narrate examples of everyday racism from the lived experiences of Black women. They take the reader on a compelling journey from the sources of racism through narratives of disquieting racist events to the destination of affirming approaches to preserving a sense of self and individual identity in the face of sophisticated racism.

The authors explain how the interplay between Black women and White women originates in historical patterns of behaviour which emerged on the plantations during enslavement. The term ‘White women syndrome’ has been coined to represent attempts to defend the limited space for female success by denigrating and excluding Black women. This book reaches beyond the historical context to the provision of strategies for managing sophisticated and everyday racism in contemporary society.


‘Understanding and Managing Sophisticated and Everyday Racism is essential reading. At once confronting, tender and sophisticated, the book centers Black women’s lived experiences in a manner that critiques both national policy and everyday racism. This book is beautifully written, with Victoria Showunmi and Carol Tomlin sharing personal trauma and triumph while at the same time offering insights that researchers, policy makers and everyday people seeking better understanding of race, racism and race relations will find helpful’. —Jeffrey S. Brooks, Head Of School, Curtin University School Of Education

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