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Mojo Heroes: Otis Redding - Books

Mojo Heroes: Otis Redding - Books

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Otis Redding's definitive southern soul voice resonates down the years as a thing of profound beauty and unfathomable emotional depth. His unique vocal delivery gave Motown's pop artists a run for their money, while his stage presence matched pioneering funk magus -- and fellow Georgia native -- James Brown for sheer entertainment value. Crucial to the success of the Stax label,

Otis quickly rose from obscurity to mainstream crossover fame, thanks chiefly to his dizzying performance at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. In this, the first serious book on the soul legend, Geoff Brown talks to Stax illuminati Booker T. Jones, Isaac Hayes, and David Porter, plus many others, about Redding's tragically brief life and incredible talent.

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